8 ways to create Unique Business Cards

mini business cards
The prospects of a business card is often ignored. People tend to overlook the good-looking card visual effect can have on customers as they bring an incredible amount of attention. To stand out, the usual kind of cards are not really leaves an impression, but the cards must be unique and must say something about you and your brand.

There are many different and cost-effective ways that can make your business card stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is to create a memorable card well designed with a clear content. Here are some factors to consider that you must incorporate into your business card, which can make distinctive yet cost effective and impressive.


Magnets jammed in the back of the card is not a new idea, but it can create more exposure for your business card, because they are more likely to be stuck to the refrigerator to be discarded.

Mini Cards

Mini cards are smaller than usual, the standard size of business cards. This can make the cards stand out because they can easily be put in the pocket or placed in the wallet without creating much hassle or without taking much space.

rounded corners

After some or all of your corners rounded business card creates a huge difference in the look and feel of the map .

Folded Cards / Mini brochures

The folded cards can be used as a table tent on exhibitions or displays, because they have the ability to stand upright. In addition, you can make them appear like mini brochures with additional information about your business or services.

Rip Cards

Rip cards are essentially door hangers or coupons used as a business card. Custom business cards rip size can easily be used to promote the product as well as your contact information written on the back.


Try a transparent plastic card style to a stand-out. They are different and inventive as usual substance and are extremely durable

Die Cut

Business cards with a different shape are often exceptionally memorable . simple circular cards or even a custom shaped card outside of a regular rectangle, may be to gather people’s attention.


recycled cards are a good way to reduce your carbon footprint while creating a unique and different image for your company. You can use ink soy reused for your cards or paper. In fact, there are many choices for creating unique business cards.

Here are some basic points that you can apply while creating the element of uniqueness of your business card. Try adding a touch of your personality to your business cards and your brand.