Business Is A Game

business game
As a business coach, to Occasionally, I find it useful to remind my clients to lighten. I’ll say something like “It’s a game, it will not matter on your deathbed.” As business owners, it can be tempting to get lost in the issue of the day, week or month. We forget that this is not a situation of life or death. Okay, we could be about to lose our business or perhaps a large account, but these are the times that the prospect can be our most powerful advantage. Remembering that the business is a game might give you the mental and emotional acuity necessary to get through the tough times we all feel.

Let me say more about the business of being a play. Just like a game, there are rules, many of them, your rules, the rules of industry, cultural rules, government rules and more. Regarding keeping your perspective, your rules are those that matter most. Here are some rules that I recommend; Play the game company to win “like” your life is at stake, then throw your head, smile and laugh when it does not work out.Have fun whenever possible, smile a lot. Keep your physical, spiritual reserves, complete mental and emotional game for exercising, praying, reading positive books, maintain your relationships and rest. Of all the rules, this is the most important. Is a world-class athlete appear exhausted, worn out and mentally unprepared? Learn the basic business principles in the areas of finance, marketing, organizational development and operations. Then control the company basics.In we are essentially playing two games at once, the internal clearance (the real game) and the outer game (the game world). The game is outside your daily business practices and your business model. The inner game (invisible) is to be positive, having integrity, being concentrated; present and aware, express your vision and be mentally clear about what you want. As you can see, the rules that I recommend are for both games.

The first three rules are for internal play. Rule number 4 deals with the outside play. If we play outside and forget the internal game, we will be responsive, experience stress, jam, complete neglect our bodies and our close and lose sight of the fact that it is a game after all. If we only play the internal and external forget the game, we will fail to master the basics of the business and be very happy, but without success in business. Unfortunately, I noticed very few people have the last problem.

So how do you begin to apply the above principles? I recommend that you sit down and write your rules for the company’s game. You want rules for indoor and outdoor play. Then create your ideal day, week, month and year on paper or in your calendar. You want to be able to see how a master work. This is your space. Now what? Get a coach, mentor, teacher, guru, whatever is good for you. These concepts are simple not easy.