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A man stands in front of an Apple trademark in the downtown Shanghai. – Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple and Samsung are set to be held in a court in California on Monday in what is seen because the biggest patent US trial in recent memory

Apple seeks. more than $ 2.5 billion in a case accusing the South Korean firm of copying styles and different patents of the iPhone and iPad maker in the trial in San Jose, California, federal court.

Samsung, but alleges that Apple violated a number of its patents for mobile phones, so the case can mapped the conflicting claims.

There is one in each many cases in courts around the world involving the two huge electronic giants in the hottest part of the technology sector, computers pill and smartphones .

Although the results to date are mixed in courts in Europe and Australia, Samsung is clearly on the defensive in the case of the United States.

US District decide Lucy Koh, who may chair the jury trial unless last minute settlement, has issued temporary injunctions against US sales of 10-inch Samsung Galaxy pill and thus the Galaxy Nexus smartphone developed with Google.

To make matters worse, a magistrate in the case dominated Monday that Samsung did not accept the key evidence in the case by allowing emails to be destroyed after learning of the lawsuit.

This means deciding Koh will issue an “adverse inference” instruction to the jury.
“It is never wise when deciding decides that you withheld or destroyed evidence,” said R. Polk Wagner, patent law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Florian Mueller, a consultant who blogs on patent issues in the technology sector said the choice “must be a nightmare” for Samsung as it seeks to establish credibility with the jury .

a patent attorney in Washington DC who asked to remain anonymous because of links shopper, said the decision could be “a killer” for Samsung.

“Whether it was relevant or not, the fact that evidence was destroyed are taken into thought,” he said.

Moreover, the lawyer said Apple can take advantage of the fact that the case is heard in Silicon Valley, just down the road from its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

“You would assume that there is no benefit to the yard of the house, but it could well be,” said the lawyer.

“You even have difficulty in a distant company over one yank.”
Wagner said the case is perhaps the greatest trial for patent Eighties case involving giants Polaroid and Kodak, and is important because of its size and competence to the previous line.

“I see this because the first in what I believe to be many cases involving smartphone technology,” he told AFP.

“There is to see what the impact is even if Apple wins.

in general, patents are relatively easy to comb around. so if Samsung loses
some of the towers, they will always able to create their phones “

But Samsung may face enormous risks. If Apple wins, it could automatically get a permanent injunction on sales of Samsung devices. and if Samsung makes only minor changes, Apple may raise for the Korean firm to be held in contempt.

The case has implications huge money for each company and therefore the booming business for mobile devices.

A survey by analyst firm IDC showed Samsung shipped fifty.2 million smartphones globally in the amount from April to June, while Apple sold two6 million iPhones. IDC said Samsung held thirty two.6% of the market sixteen.9% for Apple.

Samsung is the first manufacturer of smartphones using the Android operating system from Google, which has become the common platform of all, despite Apple’s claims that it infringed its patents.

Apple has printed its causes damage in documents filed earlier than the Battle of the pivot court.

Apple filing Tuesday said Samsung, coming in the markets for smartphones and pill, “chose to compete by copying Apple.”

Samsung helped Samsung overtake Apple because the largest smartphone maker in the world, “the document says.

Apple said that its profit and loss “unjust enrichment” of total Samsung in the neighborhood of $ 2,525,000,000; a figure that could be ramp rules of damages given to achieving ‘voluntary’ patents.

Samsung has always denied abusing Apple patents and countered in court that Apple has taken advantage of a number of South Korea’s patented technology company for wireless connections.

In May, two days of peace talks led by the courts between the heads of Apple and Samsung ended with no truce in the legal battle headed for court in San Jose, California .

Apple boss Tim Cook and Samsung chief Choi Gee-Sung met in San Francisco once decide asked bosses to personally try to resolve the case.
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Facebook reached the peak of 1.44 million users: India News Today

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Mark Zuckerberg has won the title of the hit dashboard of 1.44 million users in the space of a year. Yes! That is true. Facebook users are increasing day by day. India News Today came with the owner of the data and fresh news of its users. Surprisingly, earnings increased year on year and turnover has reached its height. India News now believes that people eat less, work less, but the surf Facebook. Sooner or later, Zuckerberg will reach the dash to be the richest person in the world.

Facebook won its very slow turnover over the period of 2 years: Business News Today

Facebook won its reputation 1.44 million users in the first quarter of the year and that too in a year. But, things are not the same with the recipes. Business News Today checked the dashboard of Facebook for the last two years; Needless to say, the profit of sales is quite slow in terms of speed and earnings. Revenue plunged 20% over the past two years. The company gained its maximum revenue through advertising in the last two years. Business News Today covers this news, interviews Facebook

India News Today :. Advertising has given its way through the recipes

Facebook has given way to advertise. The truth is coupled with the fact that advertising has earned them $ 3.32 million dollar in the past year. The most shocking part is the drop of 2 percent in aftermarket trading on Wednesday. India News Today Facebook has crossed the track record in recent years. No doubt Facebook is a very famous company in the current market. The percentage of users have increased over one year is 13%.

Facebook and its use: Business News Today

Facebook covers mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Mark Zuckerberg is considering that the year began on a strong note. He is serving the community and connecting with the world at a very broad level. Using Facebook on devices has increased over the past year. The CEO works on existing mobile applications and the mobile call to users. Facebook is, at present, the giant social networking site in the world applications and social networks. Business News Today covers the application called ‘Hello’ that will help vocation Android via Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg as CEO

The Facebook CEO says he spends 50-60 hours per week in the office and which corresponds to its other office workers. According to the Business News Today, the CEO confirmed his words with a comment on his Facebook page. He said that all his life, he remained focused and determined through spending time on the job and count them. He said that his goal can be reached, if he has time to achieve its mission.