Ontario unincorporated businesses – Read This Before You Sign

Registration of companies ontario Ontario
individual companies are governed by the Act trade names (Ontario). A sole proprietor of Ontario is sometimes called an Ontario business name. It is a good idea to look over the requirements of the law to ensure that you adhere properly.

The law requires that a person must not give the public the opinion that he or she carries on business under another name unless this name has been registered. In addition, a person must be registered to be legally permitted to use a name other than his own.

You are not required to provide an Ontario research report Nuans to register a sole proprietorship Ontario. The Business Names Act (Ontario) does not need a trade name of Ontario / Ontario alone company name to be unique. Any company, sole proprietorship or partnership can record the same Ontario business name at the same time. This does not mean that you should just go ahead and register the name you want. It is important that you make all attempts to have a separate name for an Ontario business registration which is very different from all the names there.

A preliminary name search should be done to ensure your name is available and a search house can do for you for a small fee. Many research houses will clear your name in advance for free if you choose their service when registering your business name in Ontario. It is important that you have your name cleared by an experienced research house. These companies are trained to verify a name across Canada and clear to you. Many companies do business online and will do business in other provinces so it is still important that you register a name that is identical or similar to a name in British Columbia, for example. Attempt to clear your own name without using a search house can create problems. If you choose a name that is identical to another name that the government will not let you know in advance of registration. Situations have occurred where a person had to register another name right after registering a sole proprietorship because he found out after the fact that there was a conflict.

Once you have registered your business in Ontario, it will remain in place for five years. A Master Business Licence will be issued for the sole owner of Ontario. It will be a photocopy and if you order it online from an Ontario service provider, it will be sent to you as a pdf. The expiration date of the registration of Ontario businesses will be on the form and you must ensure that you keep track of what the government will not remember.

You must understand that these are just individual businesses in Ontario, Ontario partnerships and trade names of Ontario that are not protected. An incorporated Ontario corporation can not register a name that is exactly the same as another Ontario company.

The Ontario government requires you to inform them of any changes in your sole proprietorship Ontario within 15 days. An amendment to the registration should be filed. What happens if you decide you do not want to run your sole proprietorship of Ontario under the same name? You will need to register a new Ontario business name because you can not change the name of a sole owner of Ontario.

dissolution of a sole proprietorship in Ontario must be registered if you do not want to operate under the name that you have registered.

An Ontario single individual registration expires after five years. The expiry date will be posted on the Master Business Licence. It is up to you to renew your license and it is a good idea to renew a few days before the expiration date. No reminder notice is sent by the government.